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Welcome to West Shore Community College! Please use the tabs to the left to navigate your way through the application for admissions. If you have any questions please contact us at or by calling 231-843-5510.


Applicant Information


First Name NOTE: Please use your legal first name, do not use a nickname such as Bobby for Robert, Debbie for Debra. 

Preferred Name

Middle Name


Last Name


Prior last name. Other last name on academic records. 


Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy)


Social Security Number (###-##-####)



Race Information


Race (Choose one or more)



Citizenship Information


Citizen Of


Citizenship Status

Military / Veteran Status




Active Duty


National Guard



Veteran/Active Duty or Spouse/Dependent of Veteran Active Duty who has suffered a service related injury/illness.

Spouse/Dependent of Veteran who is deceased.

Spouse/Dependent of Veteran/Active Duty member. 

Service Begin Date

Veteran of:

Service End Date:

Military exit status

Active Duty Armed Services Branch

National Guard state:

Military Benefits

Are you planning on using Veteran benefits?


Contact Information


Do you reside outside of the United States?


Address Line 1


Address Line 2


Zip Code












Please use a personal email address that you will have access to in the future. (high school email address will not be available to you after graduation)


Email Address

Confirm Email


Primary Phone Number


Cell Phone Number:


Educational Goals

If you are a previously dual enrolled student and have not taken college courses after high school graduation, please apply as a New Student. 


Please identify yourself as one of the following:

Employer Name (Business Name)


What are you interested in studying?


What year do you plan to begin your studies?


What term do you plan to begin your studies?


Will you be a Full Time student or a Part Time student.



Previous Education - High School


Please indicate which of the following you have earned (or will earn at time of enrollment):


GED Test Date:


High School Attended:


High School Graduation Year:

Previous Education - College
To save a previous college to your application, click the Save Institution button. For multiple colleges, click Save Institution after each entry.  

Name of Institution

State of Institution




Name of Institution


In order to send your application to the Admissions Office, please click on [Submit].

It will take up to 2 business days for your application to be processed.

Prior to submitting your application, please ensure the information is current and accurate.

If you need to make any corrections to your application, click [Previous] or use the navigation bar.


Please contact the Admissions Office at 231-843-5503 or if you have any questions.